Other Ways To Give

Even though the Cheyenne Day of Giving focuses on one big day on the second Friday in May, we accept donations and need help all year long. Here are some ways to help that go beyond our ways to give at our yearly event:

Recycle non-magnetic metal at Cheyenne Recycling:

If you’re thinking about sending to the garbage something made of aluminum, copper, brass, or any metal to which a magnet will not stick, why not take it to Cheyenne Recycling at 809 West College, across from Rossman Elementary, and turn it in for the Cheyenne Day of Giving? We will receive the money from your salvage metal, and that will enable us to buy more things the local charities need throughout the year.

You can download a brochure from Cheyenne Recycling here and check out all the things that can be recycled. For example, think about us when you need to throw out old lawn furniture, storm doors, car batteries, barbecue grills, etc.. It would be amazing to see how much money could be raised if everyone who reads this page would drop a donation by Cheyenne Recycling!

Donate money to Cheyenne Day of Giving:

We do not give local charities money; instead, we ask them what they need and are not receiving through public donations. Then we work hard to find the best prices possible, purchase those things, and deliver them to the local charities. That way, we know that the money we spend is going directly to people in need.

If you wish to make a donation of any size, just make your check out to Day of Giving and send it to the address at the bottom, or donate online by clicking the donate button. We will thank you for your donation and use your money wisely!

Give your time:

Do you have time to help us put together the Cheyenne Day of Giving? Can you represent your congregation on the Committee of the Whole? Do you have time to help pass out posters and flyers before the big day? Do you have contacts with businesses and government offices who can be recruited to support the Day of Giving?

We want to see the Day of Giving grow to be a traditional community event, and we welcome volunteers! If you have questions or want to volunteer, just call or email the Board member listed below, or drop us a note at the address below. We will appreciate hearing from you!

Volunteer at Our Event:

  • Set up
  • Parking lot traffic control, unloading donations
  • Greeters, guides
  • Registration table
  • Kitchen refreshments – serving
  • Boxing up donations
  • Clean up

Greta Morrow
Home: 635-3943
Cell: 421-3436
[email protected]