How You Can Help

  • Encourage everyone – friends, any members of your congregation or other congregations, co-workers, family members – to become involved in supporting the Cheyenne Day of Giving, and end give items or monetarily at our event.
  • Ask your employer to display a poster and encourage employees to participate in the Day of Giving, perhaps giving an hour during the day for employees to come out to the Community House to give.
  • Initiate a collection of non-perishable food, personal care items, and craft items at your school, place of employment, or in your neighborhood and help bring donations out to the Day of Giving.
  • Help distribute posters and flyers to businesses and public places in the weeks just before our May event.
  • Ask your congregation or a local business to display a reminder of our event (2nd Friday in May) on its reader board (public sign) during the week of the Day of Giving.
  • Encourage friends and neighbors to turn in non-magnetic metal to Cheyenne Recycling (809 West College Drive) for credit to the Day of Giving. (Donors need to go into the office at Cheyenne Recycling and tell the clerk that Day of Giving is to receive the funds from the donation.)

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